Diagnostic imaging solutions. Critical care for the 21st century.

About Us:

LevelJump provides radiology solutions from hospitals and private clinics to in-person patient diagnostic imaging clinics. Our telehealth services are designed to provide doctor-to-doctor collaboration and diagnosis allowing for efficient and effective patient care.

We own and operate Canadian Teleradiology Services, “CTS”, which provides emergency room care for Canadian hospitals. CTS is a partner with hospitals to ensure quick response times for patient care at their most vulnerable of times. We work to do our part to ensure the local communities we service are receiving the healthcare everyone deserves.


To alleviate the stress and backlog burdening the Canadian healthcare system. We stive to find solutions that expand critical care for everyone, while generating revenue and growth opportunities.

Our Vision:

To expand our critical care services in a prudent manner that takes LevelJump to the next level in urgent health care solutions. Whether it be through reading, testing, AI, or other technologies that help to enhance the industry. We plan to grow to be leader in diagnostic imaging by utilizing our ability to adapt and grow in a constantly shifting healthcare marketplace.

Our Values & Guidance

Integrity, Focus, Determination, Respect and Compassion are values that we subscribe to as a Company. From corporate responsibility, governance, and culture to our daily work tasks—these are more than key words to us. They are the inspiration acting as the driving force that leads to a strong pathway for us to ascend.