What is
‘Telehospital Canada'?

Telehospital Canada

is a remote physician to patient ER
consultation service.

How does Telehospital separate from other
Telehealth services?

Telehospital Canada presents a more comprehensive framework, surpassing routine medical consultations by providing prompt remote urgent care services and emergency advisory services. Telehospital mirrors the conventional in-person hospital experience with triage and specialist referrals, yet eliminates the excessive wait times often associated with it. Following consultation, Telehospital provides the option of an in-person visit to urgent care centers for patients as the physicians are directly connected to the clinics.


In the evolving landscape of healthcare, the prime objective of Telehospital Canada is to alleviate the strain and congestion affecting the healthcare system, starting with emergency rooms. Reducing the burden of overwhelmed ERs, leading to a more balanced and manageable patient workload for physicians, as well as quicker access to services for patients.


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